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It is a great honor and privilege to welcome you to our Institute. If you are looking to improve your career prospects with a professional health care qualification, we have a right option that will suit you and promise an environment of excellence to all our students at People’s Institute of Physiotherapy. As the largest allied health professional group, physiotherapists work with people with ample variety of problems and employ physical agents to promote health, optimal rehabilitation and, where possible recovery. The wide scope of physiotherapy is one of its assets, making it an exciting and varied career.

  1. Physiotherapy is interesting and challenging: - Straight service to human race, where you meet diverse patients suffering with spacious multiplicity of injuries or problems everyday.
  2. Physiotherapy is rewarding since you can help patients by breaking muscular contractures and joint stiffness, developing muscle power or voluntary control, improving cardio-respiratory and muscular endurance, open a wide world to the disables by promoting conditioning & independency and much more, which no drugs can do.
  3. Physiotherapists have lots of job opportunities in the various areas of health services (e.g. central and state governments to private health care sectors, super specialty hospitals to private clinics, from ICU to Rehabilitation departments, sports centers to recreational centers, pediatric units to old-age homes, community visits to sports event grounds, etc.)

At PIPT (People’s Institute of Physiotherapy) you will find a style of teaching which emphasis the needs of individual student. We had adopted a methodology that allows you to harness fully your potential, while enjoying the learning.

I hope you will get the best opportunities for what you are searching for at PIPT, and we look forward to welcoming you as a student in future.

With Best Wishes.


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