About us

We value...
Our people. The continued professional and personal development of our dedicated, student-focused faculty and doctors is critical to our success as leader in the field of health and education.
Leadership. Dynamic and decisive leadership, demonstrated at all levels of the organization, fosters a robust, professional company capable of achieving our social missions.
Teamwork. The combined talent throughout our company is a powerful force; it is the foundation for a healthy, dynamic and successful organization. We welcome the open exchange of ideas and understand that our collective experience, perspective and background provide all the ingredients for a winning team.
Quality. We are committed to excellence, and strive to meet the strict guidelines demanded by the concerned organizations and provide the latest high tech teaching methods to the faculty as well as the students. Our quality initiatives enable us to be efficient, creative, thus providing quality education. ALL OUR Institutions are ISO certified.
Our culture. Integrity, professionalism, a genuine sense of pride in our work ethic, mutual respect and a commitment to our Social Mission are the qualities that make us special.

  • Guard against adverse Environmental, Health & Safety risks
  • Reduce, re-use, recycle & renew
  • Enhance efficient use of resources and energy
  • Establish strict compliance as per environmental regulations.
  • Nurture nature and promote EHS awareness among our employees, students and   patients